[rspec-devel] [Cucumber] --must-not-pass option

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Mon May 11 21:49:26 EDT 2009

aslak hellesoy wrote:
>     Hi there,
>     I recently created a fork of Cucumber for use on my current project,
>     and Aslak asked me to start a discussion here to see if it is
>     something we would want to merge back into a Cucumber release.
>     I have attempted to explain the reasoning behind my changes here :
>     http://www.jroller.com/perryn/entry/bdd_on_a_multi_disciplined
>     The rake tasks mentioned are really just window dressing for a new
>     --must-not-pass option that fails the suite if any individual Scenario
>     passes.
>     Thoughts?
> Thanks for a well-written blog post that explains the rationale behind 
> it. I especially like the tie-in to WIP, since I'm a huge Kanban fan.
> Let me mull it over for a couple of days.
> Would anyone else find this useful?
> Aslak

I like it.  I've been using a similar workflow with the tags @proposed 
and @in_progress, and profiles 'proposed', 'in_progress', and 'done'.
I never thought of having the in-progress profile fail if they pass, but 
it makes sense.  So, I really like the idea of having it in Cucumber.

I don't think that the rake tasks should be included in Cucumber, but 
the --must-not-pass option is nice.  However, should we change it to 


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