[rspec-devel] [cucumber] lib/cucumber/rails/world.rb redefining ActionController::Base#rescue_action

Matt Patterson matt-lists at reprocessed.org
Tue Mar 24 17:46:10 EDT 2009


I've got a question about the redefinition of  
ActionController::Base#rescue_action. Mainly, why? From the comment in  
the source it looks there was a pain point that this solved, but I  
can't figure out what that might be.

My problem is this: I make heavy use of rescue_from to trap  
exceptional cases so I can 404, 401 or 500 as appropriate. I've got a  
Scenario which looks like this ('deleted' blog posts in this app  
aren't erased from the DB, they're marked deleted for auditing):

   Scenario: Attempting to visit a deleted blog post
     Given there is a blog post entitled "Look Ma no hands"
     And the blog post "Look Ma no hands" has been marked as deleted
     When I attempt to visit the Blog post page for "Look Ma no hands"
     Then the response should be a 404 error

That looks like a perfectly reasonable scenario to me, except that it  
blows up at "When I attempt to visit". The source for that step is:

When /^I attempt to visit the Blog post page for "(.+)"$/ do |title|
   visit entry_path(Entry.find_by_url_slug! 

[Excuse the MD5 - it's just a way of maintaining readability in the  
scenarios without resorting to fixtures (I'm undecided about it as an  
approach, btw)]

visit is exploding when my controller raises a FourOhFour error  
because a non-staff non-logged-in user shouldn't be able to see the  
page. I use rescue_from to render a special 404 template, but that's  
never reached because of the redefinition of rescue_action.

This seems really counterintuitive to me: I expect that the  
integration tests will use the full stack, and even in my isolated  
controller specs I have to explicitly request that the normal  
rescue_action is bypassed. If there's a genuine pain point here that  
re-raising and not handling the exception solves then I'm sure I can  
find a different idiom for these kinds of scenarios, but I've spent 4  
hours today trying to figure out what was broken: first in my app code  
then breaking out rdebug to find out what was really happening, which  
suggests to me that it's a non-obvious and confusing intervention.

Anyway, sorry to sound so whingey. Like I said: if there's a genuine  
problem this approach solves, I'll find a new idiom and shut up.  
Otherwise, can this be changed?



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