[rspec-devel] Back to one repository?

Dan North tastapod at gmail.com
Fri May 2 16:00:25 EDT 2008

Hi folks. Are we trying to solve the wrong problem?

Type 1: vanilla rspec user

- gem install rspec --source http://rspec.info/rspec-edge.gem

Type 2: rails rspec user

- gem install rspec --source http://rspec.info/rspec-edge.gem

Type 3: rspec hacker

- git clone

Type 4: textmate bundle user

- however textmate bundles are usually packaged up, as a wget

I'm coming from the java world where I guess I use around a dozen open
source libraries on a regular basis. I almost never check out the sources
from scm - I just download the jars (occasionally with source zips). For
bleeding-edge versions of java projects they often provide nightly builds.
The java world is just catching up with gem-style dependency management, but
even without that it's easy to keep up with

gem install takes a source url, so providing edge gems should be as easy as
having an automated build on every commit that builds and publishes the
gems. We can also bundle the examples, docs & internal specs with the gem
for reference and inspiration. (The ramaze gem is a really nice example of

The use cases should determine the end artifacts of a build process, rather
than the way we should be structuring the source repo. The source repo
should be structured to make it easiest to navigate and find code.

I'd love to be able to step up and offer to put a CI build in place, but I
don't have the bandwidth at the moment. I'm happy to work with anyone who
wants to take it up though.


2008/5/1 Ian Dees <undees at gmail.com>:

> Hi, all.
> Quoth David:
> >  We also need to consider the Ruby developer who doesn't use rails. We'd
> be forcing that user to clone a bunch of stuff they don't need. I'm not sure
> how important an issue that is when weighed against everything else, but it
> is certainly a consideration.
> I can at least offer one data point on this note.  Most of my RSpec
> work is non-Rails, and I don't mind having the Rails stuff in there.
> The amount of extra disk space and clone time it adds doesn't even
> show up on the radar.
> If a new layout required me to drill down into example_rails_app to
> get at the code, that wouldn't be the end of the world, especially if
> we had a symlink at the top level or an explanation in the README.
> The extra conceptual effort is about the same as running rake
> git:update.
> --Ian
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