[rspec-devel] Back to one repository?

Ian Dees undees at gmail.com
Thu May 1 11:19:04 EDT 2008

Hi, all.

Quoth David:

>  We also need to consider the Ruby developer who doesn't use rails. We'd be forcing that user to clone a bunch of stuff they don't need. I'm not sure how important an issue that is when weighed against everything else, but it is certainly a consideration.

I can at least offer one data point on this note.  Most of my RSpec
work is non-Rails, and I don't mind having the Rails stuff in there.
The amount of extra disk space and clone time it adds doesn't even
show up on the radar.

If a new layout required me to drill down into example_rails_app to
get at the code, that wouldn't be the end of the world, especially if
we had a symlink at the top level or an explanation in the README.
The extra conceptual effort is about the same as running rake


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