[rspec-devel] New rspec.rake require files do not exist

Bryan Ray bryansray at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 02:12:57 EDT 2008

The latest github code will produce a file called rspec.rake and place  
it in your #{RAILS_ROOT}/lib/tasks/rspec.rake directory. My initial  
problem was that if the 'tasks' directory did not exist then the file  
would just not be created. David Chelimsky simply added in a check for  
the directory and fixed it very quickly and everything works fine now,  
but now I'm running in to another problem.

In the rspec.rake file on lines 9 and 10 you'll see:

require 'spec/rake/spectask'
require 'spec/translator'

This does not want to load for me as those files do not exist in that  
location (unless I'm doing something completely wrong?). It seemed  
like an easy enough 'fix' (for me to get my specs running) ... I  
simply change the lines to read:

require "vendor/plugins/rspec/lib/spec/rake/spectask"
require 'vendor/plugins/rspec/lib/spec/translator'

Obviously this fix doesn't 'feel' right, but I figured I would just  
create the ticket and follow the outcome.

Thanks, guys.

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