[rspec-devel] changes in rspec's trunk and autotest

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 22:29:22 EST 2008

This applies to anyone using rspec's trunk from >= 3220 with ZenTest <= 3.7.2.

Anyone else, feel free to move on....

The next release of ZenTest, coming soon, includes some changes that
improve the relationship between Autotest, it's subclasses (like those
in rspec) and .autotest, the file that you can use to plug into
autotest's hooks to extend/modify it's behaviour.

Previously, subclasses got loaded after .autotest, causing changes to
test_mappings and exceptions to be overridden. With the next release,
the load order is corrected so anything in .autotest will be processed
after Autotest::Rspec or Autotest::RailsRspec is loaded.

I committed changes to RSpec's trunk r3220 that will break your
current autotest configuration. If it does, you can apply this patch
(http://pastie.caboo.se/138024) to your local copy of ZenTest
(assuming you're up to 3.7.2) and all should be right with the world.

Again - this is ONLY for people who are following RSpec's trunk and
using autotest.


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