[rspec-devel] How you develop with git

Hongli Lai hongli at plan99.net
Fri Feb 29 06:07:32 EST 2008

Bryan Ray wrote:
> So I recently decided to start using git on my work and here's where I'm 
> at ... my experience with svn kind of put a bad taste in my mouth when 
> it came to branching / merging. I would rarely go through a merge 
> (especially a big one) without having something screw up.
> So I'm wondering if anyone could give some quick scenarios (or point me 
> to a resource) on how they do development (specifically Rails) with GIT.
> When you develop against your main repository is it customary to make 
> "topic branches"? Or just make your changes and commit them to the 
> "master" repo?
> I love the concept of branching / tagging / merging, but in SVN it's 
> always been more of a pain than anything.
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I recently switched from Subversion to Git. I still do most things like 
I'm used to in Subversion, but when I'm about to make a big change, I 
make a topic branch. It's really easy in quick in Git, a branch is 
created in less than a second and it only takes you at most 2 commands. 
One doesn't even have to switch the working directory. Merging is also 
easy: it only takes one command, and unlike Subversion I don't have to 
manually remember which revisions I should be merging with.

Branching and merging is definitely a lot easier.

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