[rspec-devel] OFF-TOPIC: How you develop with git

Michael D. Ivey ivey at gweezlebur.com
Thu Feb 28 21:57:13 EST 2008

On Feb 28, 2008, at 7:47 PM, Bryan Ray wrote:
> When you develop against your main repository is it customary to  
> make "topic branches"? Or just make your changes and commit them to  
> the "master" repo?

Absolutely.  Git branches are so cheap and easy that a lot of people  
make a new one for each feature, or change, or bugfix, or ticket.   
Some people also use "git commit --amend" to keep it to one commit  
per branch, so the merge history is cleaner.

However, if you're the only dev, there may not be a lot of advantage  
to using them.  They're there, they're easy if you want them.

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