[rspec-devel] running only a select group of specs

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Tue Aug 19 22:15:51 EDT 2008

Pat Maddox wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 8:38 PM, Ben Mabey <ben at benmabey.com> wrote:
>> I know the easy thing would be to just create separate unit and
>> functional directories.. but that is something that I would like to
>> avoid.  Besides, that is easy and I like pain. :)
> Why do you want to avoid that?  I think it's superior from an
> organizational standpoint, and doesn't require screwing with the
> runner.
> Pat
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I actually keep going back and forth on this.  I like having all of my
specs for a given object in the same file... When I'm specing out some
behavior and I realize that I really need to use the DB I like being
able to just declare it inline and not have to cut my spec and paste it
into another file in another dir.  Make sense?  Also, I think reading
the specs that way is less confusing...

On the other hand I can see the organizational benefits of having two
directories.  It may also help enforce the separation of the two kinds
of specs.

So, perhaps I will just use multiple directories since it would be less
trouble down the road...

Thanks Pat and Josh for your thoughts.


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