[rspec-devel] running only a select group of specs

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Tue Aug 19 20:38:26 EDT 2008

Hi all,
I've started to use the nullDB adapter quite a bit on one of my rails
app's spec suite.  In fact, I have it as my default adapter and only
turn the real DB adapter on when I have a spec that absolutely requires
it.  I call these functional specs and I include my Functional module:
    share_as :Functional do

      before :all do
      after :all do
        ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection(:adapter => :nulldb)

With that said, I am now finding myself wanting to run my unit and
functional specs separately at times... So I would like to be able to do:
rake spec # run all
rake spec:unit
rake spec:functional

I know the easy thing would be to just create separate unit and
functional directories.. but that is something that I would like to
avoid.  Besides, that is easy and I like pain. :)

So... what would be a good way to accomplish this?

I thought that if I somehow tagged my specs I could run them
conditionally.  So I modified my version of rspec so that I can get
access to my example group options.. meaning, I can now say:
  describe "some thing", :functional => true do

And in my spec_helper I have:

config.before(:all) do
    if example_group_options[:functional]

  config.after(:all) do
   if example_group_options[:functional]
     ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection(:adapter => :nulldb)

Now that I have essentially tagged my specs, is there an easy way I
could modify the runner to only run certain specs?
Maybe easy isn't a good word... is there a clean way to do this?

Thanks in advance for any input,


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