[rspec-devel] Back to one repository?

Pat Maddox pergesu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 18:27:14 EDT 2008

Brian, Alex Chaffee and I were talking about the repository layout
just now.  Alex pointed out that there's a lot of overhead when using
the rspec project... I've written a bunch of rake tasks to reduce
that, but even with those there's overhead.  And as we figure out more
tasks, we'll have to write more rake tasks to automate some of the
stuff.  For example, if you git:pull and there's a conflict, you have
to go resolve the conflict and continue the rebase.  Does it make
sense to write a git:continue command that will examine any repos that
had a conflict and are in need of a rebase continue?  I'm not sure at
this point, but it's one of many potential questions.

Alex suggested that we go back to one repository, and change the
plugin installation process.  Basically the only reason the repos are
split right now is because there's no way to check out directories,
and we want people to easily install the rspec and rspec-rails

What if instead of separate repos, we had people put the entire
codebase under vendor/rspec?  Then they could run a script like
vendor/rspec/install_plugins that would export the rspec and
rspec-rails dirs to vendor/plugins.

I realize there will probably be some apprehension given that David
did a lot of work to split the repos in the first place, and the
headaches over the past couple days, but I think it's a very good idea
that's worth considering.  If nothing else, we should keep it in mind
over the next couple weeks, and see what growing pains we experience
that might be avoided by a unified repo.


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