[rspec-devel] Howdy... and a question.

Evan David Light evan at tiggerpalace.com
Thu Sep 13 22:45:24 EDT 2007

	Howdy all.  Just signed up on the dev list.  I've been using RSpec  
in anger for perhaps a total of a few days and just started playing  
with Story Runner.  Love it.

	I also started working on a patch, which ought to be simple, to  
allow for Scenarios without supplied blocks to be treated as pending  
-- much like "it" in Spec::DSL::ExampleAPI.

	That said, I noticed something that seemed odd and chatted with Rein  
Henrichs a little about it on #rspec.  ScenarioRunner#run treats  
"pending" scenarios as an error case.  We both believed this to be a  
little odd as we both thought that pending would just be a branch and  
not an error.  That said, I thought that there may be a reasonable  

Evan Light
IMs (all): sleight42

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