[rspec-devel] Congrats & stubbing methods with specific args question

Dan North dan at tastapod.com
Sat Sep 1 18:40:18 EDT 2007

Hi Scott.

> Ah - I was confused when I looked at the changeset.  I saw this:
> == Version 1.0.9
That's the "holding area" for changes that are going to be in the next 
release (nominally 1.0.9, but as David says, it might be 1.1.0).

You'll often see the next release number in trunk a way ahead of the 
actual release going out. It's useful for being able to build a rake 
package with a gem with the next release number so you can gem install 
it and play around.

David is being (understandably) conservative about announcing a 1.0.9 
(or 1.1) release. A lot of stuff has changed so I expect he wants to be 
fairly confident before releasing a new gem that will impact a lot of users.

Either that or he's just being a slacker ;)
> I figured you guys had made a new release.  I guess you put up that  
> header even when the gem hasn't been released yet.
Yep, exactly. Actually it's pretty helpful to be able to look in the 
change log at what /else/ has changed, to make sure I haven't broken 
anything I didn't know about.


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