[rspec-devel] [#15082] Support for running Spec::UI in Linux platform using firewatir

Venkat 6mrxtt03 at sneakemail.com
Fri Oct 26 08:54:22 EDT 2007

Dear RSpec Devs:

Here is a small patch that may be useful to others. It is #15082 that
can be found in the rspec-ext project's tracker. I am posting it here
as I don't yet see any activity in the rspec-ext mailing list and this
may see more eyeballs.

Currently Spec::UI doesn't support running under Linux.

To support it you need to take care of two issues:

Issue #1:

Watir only runs on Windows and SafariWatir only on OS X. Thankfully
there is Firewatir which runs well on Linux (I tested
on Ubuntu Feisty). Firewatir can be found here:

This patch adds Linux support using Firewatir.

Issue #2:

You need a tool to take screenshot in Linux as well. This patch uses
ImageMagick's import command line tool for taking screen shots.

For a multi-monitor scenario, use something like devilspie to bring
the screen to foreground. In single monitor setup launching Firefox
automatically brings to foreground to aid screen shot taking.

If imagemagick is not found, a stub image indicating that fact is used
in place of screen shots.


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