[rspec-devel] Edge rspec - running Test::Unit tests

Pascal psq at nanorails.com
Sun Nov 18 18:31:32 EST 2007

On Nov 18, 2007, at 2:52 AM, David Chelimsky wrote:

> On Nov 18, 2007 4:47 AM, Pascal <psq at nanorails.com> wrote:
>> Posted by David Chelimsky (Guest)
>> on 14.10.2007 15:54
>> On 10/12/07, Alvin Schur <a.schur at nucleus.com> wrote:
>>> Finished in 4.5e-05 seconds
>>> 0 examples, 0 failures
>>> How can I get Test::Unit and rspec to happily co-exist again?
>> This is due to a refactoring that we're doing. We thought it was
>> almost done so we moved it to trunk. We were wrong.
>> This issue is on the radar and will be addressed before the next
>> release.
>> I'd be happy to help on this.  Anyone can provide any thoughts on  
>> how you
>> envision implementing it?
> This particular problem has been addressed and we're pretty close to a
> release at this point. We've (mostly Aslak) started to add stories for
> T::U integration and this particular problem is already fixed. Feel
> free to peek at the trunk and see how the stories are working and if
> you have any ideas to add or enhance them.


I'm still experiencing some issues running trunk (2910) wit rails 2.0  
(8166), it works when I run an individual test (it runs tests and  
specs, and report on each one), but not when running rake test:units.   
It runs the specs and reports on them, then I get a "rake aborted".   
I'll investigate later today what the failure is (no useful message  
displayed).  The problem could be on my side.

What's the class running the test cases?  Somewhere in the Runner?


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