[rspec-devel] Stories vs. examples

Ian Dees undees at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 17:17:51 EST 2007

Hi, all.

Wow, lots of thoughtful commentary.  Thanks, everyone!

Quoth Matthijs:

> Would this also mean that the guy writing the story is defining the
> functional part of the GUI?

In our shop, they're usually different people, though perhaps part of
that is because we're not using the Story Runner yet.  A designer
draws screen mockups and writes descriptions of what the controls and
dialogs do, her work gets dissected by a bunch of backseat drivers, a
tester writes the use cases, and then either the same tester or
another developer translates the use cases into RSpec (with the help
of some automation).

> (I'm waiting for a book to come out, describing all this very cool stuff.)

Funny you should mention that.  In a couple of months, I'm going to
need a couple more reviewers for just that reason.  Interested?


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