[rspec-devel] specing out a couple controller methods

Joe Van Dyk joevandyk at gmail.com
Tue May 22 03:33:49 EDT 2007

Could someone help me spec out these Rails controller methods?  I
don't know where to get started, especially with the transaction
stuff.  Or, if anyone else could suggest ways I could improve the
code, that would be great as well.

Puzzle has_one Media.  Both are AR model objects.

class PuzzlesController < ApplicationController

 # a before_filter fills in @user

  def create
    @puzzle = Puzzle.new(params[:puzzle])
    @puzzle.user = @user

    @media = Media.new(:uploaded_data => params[:media])

    Puzzle.transaction do
      @puzzle.media = @media
      @puzzle.save! &&  @media.save!
      flash[:notice] = "Success!"
      redirect_to puzzle_path(@puzzle)
  rescue ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid => e
    @media.valid? # force checking of errors even if @puzzle.save!
    flash[:error] = "Problem submitting the One Word Wonder..."
    render :partial => 'new', :layout => true

  def update
    @puzzle = Puzzle.find params[:id]
    Puzzle.transaction do
      @puzzle.attributes = params[:puzzle]
      if params[:media] and params[:media].size > 0
        @puzzle.media = Media.new :uploaded_data => params[:media]
      @puzzle.save!  &&   @puzzle.media.save!
  rescue ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid => e
    flash[:error] = "Problem updating the One Word Wonder..."
    render :action => 'edit'

Joe VAn Dyk

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