[rspec-devel] Running the rspec_on_rails specs

Antti Tarvainen antti.tarvainen at iki.fi
Thu Jun 14 04:50:25 EDT 2007

> It seems that rake pre_commit_rails only runs the specs given for the
> example rails app, and not the specs under rspec_on_rails/spec/...
> Or am I wrong?  Under what directory should I be running the specs
> under rspec_on_rails/spec/...?

It does also run the specs under rspec_on_rails/spec/ . It does this
by first copying the rspec_on_rails directory to
example_rails_app/vendor/plugins and then running "rake spec:plugins"
in example_rails_app directory.

If you want to run only the rspec_on_rails specs, you can do it from
the root directory with "rake pre_commit_rails" or from
example_rails_app with "rake -f Multirails.rake pre_commit".

Antti T.

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