[rspec-devel] merging rbehave into rspec

Dan North dan at tastapod.com
Fri Jul 27 06:58:53 EDT 2007

Hi folks.

I've been talking with David Chelimsky and Aslak* about bringing rbehave 
and rspec together into a "full stack" BDD framework. The thinking is 
roughly this:

- rspec is about describing and verifying objects and interactions, at 
the code level
- rbehave is about describing and verifying stories and scenarios, at 
the application level
(from here on I'm calling rspec /the object description framework/, and 
rbehave /the story description framework/)

So here's the plan:

- the object and story frameworks keep their own runners - they are 
functionally different although they share some common design concepts 
(listeners, renderers, etc.)
- the story framework adopts the object framework's domain vocabulary 
(so if rspec calls something a Renderer and rbehave calls the same 
concept a Describer, it gets renamed in rbehave to a Renderer)
- the story framework will reuse any identical concepts from the object 
framework (so rbehave will use rspec's PendingException, for example)
- the story runner becomes part of rspec's core, in a suitable module 
- all the story runner behaviours are migrated across
- the rbehave rubyforge project is gutted to simply delegate to the 
rspec story framework (this is an interim move to retain compatibility)

The near-term objectives are:

1) integrate story description behaviour natively into rspec
2) support description of Rails behaviour at a story/scenario level


- what do you think?
- does anyone want to help me?
- please say yes because I have no idea how to do 2)


* Aslak only has one name - like Cher or Madonna.
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