[rspec-devel] [ANN] RSpec 0.8.0-RC1

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 12:10:46 EST 2007

The RSpec Development Team is pleased to announce Release Candidate 1
of RSpec 0.8.0.

Since we're doing a Release Candidate and we don't really have a
separate gem server set up, everything you need is tagged in
subversion. See the install instructions below.

As we noted a few weeks back, this release comprises a new approach to
RSpec's expectation syntax using Expectation Matchers, as well as
dozens of new features and bug fixes. The new and old syntax are
living side by side for the moment, and will do so until we release
0.9, at which point the old syntax will no longer be supported. In
subsequent 0.8.x releases, we'll provide both deprecation warnings and
a translator tool that will help you to convert your old specs to the
new format well in advance of the 0.9 release.

Please note that this is a Release Candidate, which means it is
subject to changes before the official release. We do hope, however,
that many of you will install this release so we can get a lot of
feedback and get to the official release quickly.

For those who do, please prefix any RFEs with "[0.8.0-RC1]" so we can
easily separate them out from the rest.

Many thanks to all who are using RSpec, whether just experimenting or
really using it on your business critical projects!

The RSpec Development Team

Installing the gem

svn co svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/rspec/tags/REL_0_8_0_RC1/gem
gem install gem/rspec-0.8.0-RC1.gem
Get the docs

svn co svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/rspec/tags/REL_0_8_0_RC1/doc/output doc
open doc/index.html

NOTE that most of the stuff in the website docs is deprecated. What
you want to look at is the RDoc for both RSpec and Spec::Rails.
Installing Spec::Rails (the rails plugin)

script/plugin install

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