[rspec-devel] StoryRunner backtrace

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 07:21:28 EST 2007

On Dec 2, 2007 11:57 PM, Ian Dees <undees at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, all.
> The default run_options for StoryRunner seem to include the quiet
> backtrace tweaker, but I still end up with a huge backtrace for
> something as simple as a failed Scenario.  Would it be useful for me
> to add some kind of flag to (optionally) cull the dozens and dozens of
> lines between
>     Spec::Expectations::ExpectationNotMetError: expected: 6,
>      got: 5 (using ==)
> and
>     a_story.rb:22
> ?  Would the most RSpec-like approach be another backtrace tweaker
> class, or a config option, or...?

If you'd like to contribute something for this, I'd say a separate
tweaker for scenario backtraces is probably the right thing. I
wouldn't necessarily want to remove all of the lines in there. There
are useful bits like the name of the step that show up as well. So we
might have to play w/ the details a bit. But please feel free to get
it rolling w/ a ticket at http://rspec.lighthouseapp.com.


> --Ian
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