[Rspec-devel] RSpec and autotest

Evgeny evgeny.zislis at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 04:58:49 EDT 2006

I usually use the "watch" command to run rake every 1-2 seconds, and after
each change I glance at the other terminal to see if it failed. It also
highlight changes -- which is very comfortable and the "new" error gets

Doing it with recognition of file chages is better - but highlighting the
changes is very nice.
(i didnt test your auto-spec yet)

just my 2cc



On 9/14/06, Nick Sieger <nicksieger at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/13/06, aslak hellesoy <aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I haven't really used autotest, but from what I know it runs your
> > tests/specs in the background while you're hacking away right?
> Yes, every time it saves a file.  It runs individual failing specs until
> they succeed (the idea being that the change you just made that broke them
> will still be really fresh in your mind), and then once the tests succeed it
> re-runs all, and repeats.  I haven't been using it very long but so far it
> sure beats switching to a console and typing "rake" all the time.  Guess I'm
> just lazy :).
> My main concern is that anything we add to RSpec should have a
> > regular maintainer and avoid the risk of things stopping to work when
> > autotest/rails/rspec changes. We'd need a regular maintainer (you?) of
> > this stuff.
> No problem.  I'd be fine with maintaining it, and I also certainly don't
> expect you to take every load of crap I throw at you guys :).  I'm also
> interested to see how the ZenTest guys respond to it, as the code is brittle
> right now, not taking of intentional extension points in autotest.  It's
> probably not appropriate to release with RSpec on Rails in it's current
> form.
> /Nick
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