[Rspec-devel] volunteers to prove out experiment

aslak hellesoy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 18:09:19 EDT 2006

On 9/5/06, DeeJay <smartgpx at gmail.com> wrote:
> "please check out the branch, build and install the gem and let
> me know if you run into any problems?"
> Sorry - problems building on Windows I think. (But it's late, I'll take a
> fresh look tomorrow.)

rake # 339 tests, 323 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors (some warnings
but that's ok)
rake gem
gem install pkg\rspec-0.6.4.gem
spec examples

all of this works fine on WinXPProSP2 + ruby 1.8.4 (2006-04-14) [i386-mswin32]

> I *think* that on a WinXPproSP2 system earlier, with 1.8.4 (OCI 184-19) the
> rake gem step was clean and the 0.6.4 gem got built.

what's OCI?

> At the moment, on a WinXPhomeSP1 system with 1.8.5 (OCI 185-21) the
> build looks 'noisy', and the run of spec against the failing examples does
> indeed fail with 11 failures, so rake aborts and the gem isn't built.

The failing_examples are supposed to fail and the rake script is
supposed to account for it and continue. However, this is a little
tricky and no effort has been put in to make this work on windows.

What exact command are you running and what errors do you see? (Run
Rake with -v -t)

> I'll give this more attention if needed and clarify what I am seeing.

It all looks good to me. pre_commit doesn't pass, but that's the same
as on trunk. It's related to windows things, not the rspec code.

I think it's ok to merge the branch to trunk.


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