[Rspec-devel] define_instance_method, stub_with, and mock_with

Jay Levitt lists-rspec at shopwatch.org
Mon Sep 4 20:37:05 EDT 2006

David Astels wrote:
> On 4-Sep-06, at 8:49 PM, David Astels wrote:
>> I will be looking hard at mocha/stubba tonight, but they look like a
>> good way to go.  I'm quite happy to have us depricate rSpec's mock
>> framework in favour of mocha/stubba.
> Well.. on first glance Mocha seems significantly inferior to rSpec  
> mocks.  No support for consecutive calls, primitive argument  
> matching, no ordering, and a rather clunky syntax.

Is that inherent to Mocha's structure, though, or just a function of the 
fact that Mocha's all of 45 days old?  I wonder if contributing these 
features to Mocha isn't better than creating a 
pluggable-framework-framework.  In fact, I think I can argue that in 
either case:

If these features are inherent to the mock object, then there's no way a 
pluggable framework could support such verifications on Mocha objects. 
If, however, they're inherent to the verification layer, then there's no 
reason they can't be contributed to Mocha, thus getting rspec out of the 
mock business.


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