[Rspec-devel] Inspecting deprecated structures in EdgeRails

Jay Levitt lists-rspec at shopwatch.org
Mon Sep 4 18:55:19 EDT 2006

I don't entirely understand how inspect_for_expectation_not_met_error 
works in should_base.rb, but with Edge Rails I'm now getting things like:

@params is deprecated! Call params.inspect instead of @params.inspect. 
Args: [] (inspect_for_expectation_not_met_error at 

when I use response.should_be_redirect.  In the process of doing its 
inspection, it's looking at things like response. at params, which in this 
one instance is perfectly normal to look at...

There's an ActiveSupport::Deprecation::silence method that takes a 
block.  Should the rails helper override should_base and wrap it in silence?

Jay Levitt

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