[rspec-devel] Wider context for RSpec: GUI testing?

Ian Dees undees at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 12:42:06 EST 2006

Hi, David and Aslak.

Thanks for your thoughts on GUI testing in RSpec.

Quoth David:

> That may be its sweet spot, but BDD can be top to bottom proposition,
> and we'd like to support that in the long run.

I'm glad to hear that!  I was worried about pushing RSpec in a
direction too divergent from its architects' concept.

> How about this? We add a spec command option that allows you to set a
> series of one or more key/value pairs:
> -i or --include
> spec -i":lingua => 'portugu?s', :lingua => 'fran?ais'"

That could be doable.  While we're brainstorming, I'll toss out a
couple of alternatives, just for fun.  How about having some optional
constants at module level, like (for my examples) Spec.Lingua and
Spec.Batch ?  Then, we could have a config file of sorts in Ruby, and
pass the -r switch to require that file (thus saving the need to add a
new command-line flag).

Or even make the options a hash at module level (instead of individual
constants), so that it's more extendable in some of the directions
David has mentioned, like isolating edge-rails tests.

Anyway, I know y'all are gearing up for the 0.7.0 release, so I'll
just stay tuned, and maybe we can pick up the discussion again after

Thanks again for turning your minds to my questions.



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