[rspec-devel] Spec a spec generator

Jeff Dean jeff at jefdean.com
Mon Oct 30 03:06:32 EST 2006

I just created an rspec_scaffold_resource generator and I've got a few
questions about what the next steps are.

First, this is a total noob question, but how do I run the specs from
rspec/vendor/rspec_on_rails/vendor/plugins/rspec/spec from the command
line?  I haven't written specs for the generator yet because I don't know
how to run them.

Second, rspec_scaffold_resource depends on edge rails.  Is it safe to assume
that if you are running rspec_scaffold_resource that you are already running
edge, or should I try to check for it somehow?  On a related note - since
you can't run it without edge, you need to freeze edge or add an
svn:externals property to even try it out.

Third, I'm not too experienced with patching, but I assume that the
TortosieSVN's "create patch" and specifying all of the new/modified files
should do the trick.  Is there anything else I should know?  Any
incompatibilities I should watch out for?

And last - I know that the directory structure will change soon, and since
the generator creates files I imagine I'd want to test that these files are
correctly created.  I'd like to write a comprehensive spec, but I'd prefer
not to write it twice (if the directory changes will affect the sample rails
app).  Any thoughts on how to proceed here?

Thanks in advance for your time,

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