[rspec-devel] Test2Spec's usefulness

David Lee david at davelee.com.au
Sun Oct 15 03:30:30 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Just thought I'd pipe in as I noticed you're decommissioning test2spec.

I don't doubt that it's a maintenance headache, and I couldn't get it  
to work for me (converting my previous Rails tests to specs).

However, it would have been really helpful for me, and would make  
RSpec a viable option for a (large?) set of existing Ruby / Rails  
projects for which manual conversion would be too odious a task to  

I'm not really doing anything useful here, just flagging that I think  
it is / would be a useful tool to have. Maybe it should wait though  
until RSpec itself has settled down a little ...

Alternatively, a few Rake tasks to help people manage using both  
Test::Unit & RSpec in parallel on Rails projects might be a useful  
addition to the rails plugin, with minimal maintenance burden.


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