[rspec-devel] [ rspec-Feature Requests-6098 ] Make scaffold_resource generator

David Goodlad dgoodlad at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 19:52:34 EDT 2006

Hi Aslak (and Dave - can only 'reply' to one message)

> > Should I try to get permission to post it publicly?  Would it fill this need?
> >
> That would be great. If you get legal clearance for it, please post
> the code as an attatchment to the RFE above.

Will do.

I just added some basic views to the generator, but they don't
automatically add fields like the normal scaffolding: I prefer to set
that up by hand...  I'll talk to my boss tomorrow about posting it!


Dave Goodlad
dgoodlad at gmail.com or dave at goodlad.ca

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