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Tue Nov 21 04:09:05 EST 2006

Bugs item #6780, was opened at 2006-11-19 14:49
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Category: rails plugin
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 3
Submitted By: Gustav Paul (gustavpaul)
Assigned to: David Chelimsky (dchelimsky)
Summary: routing() was failing...fix included

Initial Comment:

I have the following route in my config/routes.rb:

map.connect 'login', :controller => 'member', :action => 'login'

my spec looks as follows

#no def setup or anything similar...
specify "/member/login should route to /login" do
  routing(:controller => 'member', :action => 'login').should_eql "/login"

Was failing, reporting inequality of 47 and '/login'
"/login"[0] happened to be char code 47

I've got the rails plugin installed as

In /vendor/plugins/rspec_on_rails/lib/spec/rails/context/controller.rb
line #131

changed to 

Working perfectly now...
Might have introduced other bugs, but I though I'd let you guys know...

Gustav Paul
gustav at rails.co.za


Comment By: Marcus Roberts (marcusr)
Date: 2006-11-21 09:09

I see the same problem.  I'm running on edge rails (REVISION_5587) using RSPec gem 0.7.2  and Rspec Rails plugin checked out with ruby script/plugin install svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/rspec/tags/REL_0_7_2/vendor/rspec_on_rails/vendor/plugins/rspec.

Removing the [0] from the same line (line number 142 in my version) of /vendor/plugins/rspec_on_rails/lib/spec/rails/context/controller.rb removes the error of

"47 should == "/customers" in my own test



Comment By: Aslak Hellesøy (aslak_hellesoy)
Date: 2006-11-20 15:04

He's probably on edge rails. I think edge rails and 1.1.6 rails behave differently. In edge rails the [0] must go away. Maybe we need to do different things based on RAILS_VERSION or something.


Comment By: David Chelimsky (dchelimsky)
Date: 2006-11-20 03:36

Gustav - I added a spec for this and it passed right away. It's committed in revision (1126).

What version of RSpec were you using when this happened? Trunk revision? Rails version?



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