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Brian Takita brian.takita at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 21:07:34 EST 2006


I'm scheduled to give a rspec brown bag this Wednesday (11/22) for my
company (Pivotal Computer Systems, http://www.pivotalsf.com). I did see Dave
Astel's talk as well as several of my coworkers.
The developers at my workplace are experienced Agile developers.

What would be some good things to focus on for this brown bag?
Are there slides to presentations that would be useful?
Any resistance/skepticism, and how to best address these concerns?

I'm kindof nervous because there is some skepticism toward rspec and BDD.


   - Test::Unit already does that, so why do we need rspec?
   - It's not production ready. (Stack traces are too cluttered for
   RspecOnRails; although this opinion was based on version 0.6)
   - New people will be confused seeing rspec code (although this is
   solved by more education, usage, encapsulation, etc.)
   - BDD is TDD using "should" instead of "assert"

There are also a number of people who do see benefits to using rspec and are
excited by it, so I do have "allies". :)

I'm particularly interested in showing:

   - How BDD is really good TDD without sounding religious
   - How rspec encourages developers to create better "tests" than

Thank you,
Brian Takita
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