[rspec-devel] Running specs with TextMate bundle

Luke Redpath luke at agileevolved.com
Tue Nov 7 11:12:45 EST 2006

> I like the way it's organised now, with its own specs. However, I'd
> prefer to use a different approach for the plugin itself.
> A couple of days ago (right before 0.7.0) I did some refactorings to
> RSpec's HTML formatter. It used to output really ugly HTML - it's much
> better now.

Agreed, this would be much better. I did actually notice there was a  
HTML formatter and tried it but it was a bit dodgy as you say so I  
rolled my own basic results printer.

> I'd like the RSpec.tmbundle to run specs with the HTML formatter. In
> fact, with a subclass of the HTML formatter that only differes in that
> it creates links for the stacktrace (txmt://open?url=file://....
> links).
> This means there is no need to parse RSpec's output and generate HTML
> - it's taken care of by RSpec core's HTML formatter!
> I have the code locally on my machine. I'll create a patch for you so
> you can try it out.

Please do. From what I can see, all you should need to do is  
pass :format => :html into the runner, stop using the ResultsPrinter  
and instead simply puts result.raw_output.

> Would you be willing to move the RSpec.tmbundle to RSpec's svn? I
> think it would be easier to maintain and distribute from there.

I've got no problem with this though it might have to wait a few days  
as I'm really busy.

> Cheers,
> Aslak


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