[rspec-devel] [ANN] RSpec 0.7.0 Released

Brandon Keepers bkeepers at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 09:45:16 EST 2006

Thanks everyone for your hard work!

I'm in the process of upgrading one of my rails apps.  It looks like  
there was some changes to how spec_helper sets up the specs.  Here is  
my current version of spec_helper.rb: http://pastie.caboo.se/21433

The first issue is that spec_helper.rb used to require  
'controller_mixin', which apparently doesn't exist anymore.  I see  
that the new spec_helper doesn't include that anymore, so I just  
removed it.  You may want to note that in the docs for upgrading.

My second issue is that I need to mix in AuthenticatedTestHelper to  
the context,  I was doing this in  
Spec::Runner::Context#before_context_eval, but that doesn't work  
anymore.  I tried adding this to Test::Rails::TestCase and  
SpecTestCase, but neither of those worked.

Does anyone have any idea how to mix in other helpers?


On Nov 6, 2006, at 6:02 AM, David Chelimsky wrote:

> The RSpec Development Team is pleased to announce the release of  
> RSpec 0.7.0.
> You can get it from http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=797, or "gem
> install rspec"
> Note that this release is NOT completely backwards compatible. If you
> are already using a prior release of rspec, see
> http://rspec.rubyforge.org/upgrade.html before you upgrade.
> RSpec is the original BDD framework for Ruby. This release includes a
> number of significant improvements, most notably in the areas of
> mocks/stubs and the RSpec on Rails plugin. Learn more at:
> http://rspec.rubyforge.org/documentation/mocks/index.html
> http://rspec.rubyforge.org/documentation/rails/index.html
> See http://rspec.rubyforge.org/changes.html for a complete list of  
> changes.
> Thanks to all who contributed to this release, and to who all will
> contribute in the future by using it and providing us with valuable
> feedback.
> Happy designing!
> The RSpec Development Team
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