[rspec-devel] script/generate rspec issue on trunk (rev 1021)

George Anderson george at benevolentcode.com
Thu Nov 2 23:25:46 EST 2006

I just updated to rev. 1021, built and installed the gem, and updated the
plugin to rev. 1021.  When I  ran "script/generate rspec"  I got:

Missing RspecGenerator class in

Then in rspec_generator.rb, I changed:

    class RSpecGenerator < Rails::Generator::Base


    class RspecGenerator < Rails::Generator::Base

(note the differing capitalization of "spec")

After that, "script/generate rspec" ran as expected.

Protocol question:  Is this (rspec-devel at rubyforge.org) the right forum for
raising this issue?  Or rspec-users at rubyforge.org?  Or add it directly to
the tracker?  My guess is to vet the issue on this (devel) list in case the
problem is on my end.


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