[Rspec-devel] context could yield an object, and be nested

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Mon May 29 14:36:16 EDT 2006

From: "David Astels" <dastels at daveastels.com>
> Yes, but in rSpec we stop at one level.  Having hierarchical contexts
> confuses things... you have to look in several places to see what the
> "context" for a specific spec is, rather than just a single place.

    spec -f

could re-create either the nested structure or a flattened version.

I don't see how a nested outline structure is intrinsically less clear than 
the flat one. After all, a good specification has a good table of contents.

When scaled up 100x the nested structure would work better than a flat one 
which put that structure in the names of the flattened contexts.
 "When the password is entered on time"..after.."the system is triggered"

Is this line of thinking reasonable? Contradictory to rspec philosophy? If 
the latter I'll hush up :-)


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