[Rspec-devel] context could yield an object, and be nested

David Astels dastels at daveastels.com
Sun May 28 21:27:36 EDT 2006

On 28-May-06, at 8:19 PM, itsme213 wrote:

>> IMHO this is would be a source of complexity & confusion.
>> 1) The more distributed the context and/or specifications are, the
>> more work it is to understand exactly what is going on.
>> 2) Both contexts and specification should be as clear and simple as
>> possible.
> I agree with both these. Would you agree with this third principle?
> 3) Both contexts and specifications should not be duplicated  
> unnecessarily.

I would accept duplication for enhanced clarity.  This is not  
production code, clarity and understandability has very high  
priority.  In my experience, refactoring this code too aggressively  
negatively impacts understandability.


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