[Rspec-devel] Adaptation of rpsec

Keith Hodges Keith.Hodges at warwick.ac.uk
Fri May 12 09:45:38 EDT 2006

> We had some discussion of supporting hierarchies in rspec and more or
> less agreed not to for the time being for that very reason.
Dear David,

I have had a look at your tutorial for the first time and I am beginning 
to get your point about hierarchies. My code was written months ago in 
response to David Astels Agile Toolkit interview, which might explain 
why I seem to have misinterpreted the way that "context" is actually 
used in rspec.

I realised that it was not hierarchy of specifications that I wanted, 
since this results in wasting time and effort on checking the brackets 
so to speak. What I really wanted was the ability to construct my 
"contexts", and my example demonstrates this.

I have updated js_spec and the code is somewhat simpler too.

the code etc is available at:

as ever feedback is welcomed


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