[Rspec-devel] Adaptation of rpsec

Keith Hodges Keith.Hodges at warwick.ac.uk
Sat May 6 08:41:19 EDT 2006

Byron Saltysiak wrote:
> Very impressive. Too bad I don't use JS extensively anymore but if I 
> do I'll know where to turn later.
Thanks, glad you like it, I don't have a blog, but if I set something up
I can let you know. I think that this code would be trivially easy to
port to ruby if anyone is interested.

Another useful feature is the attributes accessor "at"

given -
F= { a: 1, b:2}

instead of -
expect( F.a ).toBe(1)
expect( F.b ).toBe(2)

'at' allows -
expect( F ).at('a','b').toBe( [1,2] )
expect( F ).at('a').toBe(1).or().at('b').toBe(2)

I have also included an xor operator which I figured could be really
useful one day.


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