[Rspec-devel] Advice Needed

Scott L Holmes scottlholmes at gmail.com
Wed May 3 13:15:38 EDT 2006

I've been looking at rspec for some time now. I like very much your
methodolgy and the code is top-knotch.

I would like to incorporate rspec in an environment that I'm building for
JRuby. So far so good. At minimum, the context and their specifications
would be stored in sort of a knowledgebase - so instead of:

$ spec stack_spec.rb

I have more like:


ProjectSpecificiation merely retrieves the contexts and specs from the kb
and then (somehow?) submits them to spec. Right now, I'm just constructing a
simple context and using eval to "run" it.

Now what I don't want to do is code myself in a corner - eventually, I'd
like to be able to make use of the runners and reports you have. Can you
make suggestions for future-proofing my environment which merely seeks to
"store" rspecs? Sorry, I'm only just getting started on rspec's API - is
there a point in the api you can steer me to (it's quite dense).

Appreciate your time. You're system is phenomenal - paradigm shifting really
- very well done.

Scott L Holmes
http://www.slholmes.org/ <= more clues about what I'm doing
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