[Rspec-devel] PROPOSAL: --format and --dry-run

aslak hellesoy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Tue May 2 00:26:06 EDT 2006


I'm planning to add tool number eight to
HTML reports a la
(except a better browsing experience). HTML reports are particularly
useful for larger projects, especially when specs are run on a
continuous integration server - it makes it easier to spot the errors
when they occur.

I've done some refactorings in svn to make this a little easier. The
old SimpleTextReporter is now two classes: Reporter and TextOutputter
(Reporter has-a Reporter is the plan).

I'd like to be able to specify the reporter on the command line via a
--format option.
It seems natural to use this option to specify --format=text
(default), --format=rdoc and --format-html. So I'm planning a

Some additional refactorings would make this a little cleaner. First
of all, the current --verbose option results in output that is very
similar to the output produced by --doc. I propose to remove both of
these options.

--verbose becomes --format=rdoc
--doc becomes --format=rdoc --dry-run

The assumption here is that the rdoc format:
# BDD framework
# * should be adopted quickly
# * should be intuitive

is readable enough as it is in the console.

The --dry-run option would only generate output (with whatever
--format is specified), without actually running the specs. --dry-run
is a common option for many other command line tools.

I think these proposed command line changes would make the interface
cleaner, as well as clean up some duplication inside rspec.

What do you think?


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