[Rspec-devel] rails_plugin_fix merged to trunk

Lachie lachiec at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 07:45:17 EDT 2006

> Does everyone still agree that we should lose the
> "controller/functional test" support and go for integration specs
> instead? (Using rails' app object).
> I think this would still make it possible to write specs for
> controllers, but in a better way.

Perhaps the two approaches could be rolled into separate rails
plugins, to be mixed in (and matched) via inherit and/or require.

Individual controller specs are still important to me at the moment,
but I haven't had the opportunity to try the integration way yet.

> And for view stuff I'd like to try out something like this:
> http://www.fearoffish.co.uk/articles/2006/07/28/testing_views_with_style

+1 though I'd like to see it in a plugin rather than core. For most of
the stuff I do, rendering html is the least important thing. Things
like rendering yaml or xml, or transmitting a file are more common

I see inherit as a way to start putting novel or niche functionality
into rails plugins. This way the core is kept lean and acquiring new
functionality is faster and more fine grained.

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