[Rspec-devel] process for introducing bigger changes

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 17:35:49 EDT 2006

Fellow rspecers,

It has occured to me that a few things have made it into rspec of late
that have not really gone through any sort of approval process. I
realize that rspec is not yet 1.0, but I've been using it w/ clients
and in my own personal pet projects for a while. To that end, I want
it to be a bit more stable than it's been.

On the other hand, rspec is very early in its evolution, and we want
to encourage new ideas and experimentation.

To balance the desire for stabilty and vitality (allowing for
volitility), I'd like to propose that we get a bit more vigilant about
putting big changes into branches (not in the trunk) and getting more
feedback from usage before introducing them to the trunk. That should
keep releases more stable, but still provide an easy path for


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