[Rspec-devel] Rspec on Rails is broken in SVN

David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 10:47:29 EDT 2006

Yes, except that mine says /Users/david/ ;)

The same thing was happening to me w/ the failing_examples last week
and I believe you fixed it.

This brings up, once again, two issues that I think we need to resolve:

One is that we don't have an automated way to run all of the tests. To
me, ensuring that changes don't break the ability to run the examples,
failing_examples and the rails examples must be part of the commit
process. We need to either agree to do this manually, chopping off the
hands of those who fail to comply, or we need to pursue a CI setup
that includes the execution of these tasks on every commit.

The other is this whole sugar thing. This is like the 5th time it's
come up as a problem w/ changes we're making. I propose that we draw a
line in the sand right now. We're either committed to it, which means
that all changes must be tested to not conflict w/ sugar (which means
there should be tests that are expressed using the _ syntax) or we
should bag the thing. I'm  leaning more and more towards bagging it,
but I understand the desires of users to have the more rubyish syntax.
It's just that it makes rspec brittle. Maybe it's just that we need an
implementation that is less ticklish.



On 7/21/06, aslak hellesoy <aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think the recent inherit/include features completely broke the RSpec on Rails.
> If I go to the vendor/rspec_on_rails, follow the instructions in the
> README and run rake spec I get:
> /Users/aslakhellesoy/scm/rspec/trunk/lib/../lib/spec/api/sugar.rb:17:in
> `method_missing': undefined method `fixtures' for Object:Class
> (NoMethodError)
>         from /Users/aslakhellesoy/scm/rspec/trunk/lib/../lib/spec/runner/context_eval.rb:39:in
> `method_missing'
>         from ./spec/models/animal_spec.rb:4
>         from /Users/aslakhellesoy/scm/rspec/trunk/lib/../lib/spec/runner/context.rb:10:in
> `initialize'
>         from /Users/aslakhellesoy/scm/rspec/trunk/lib/../lib/spec/runner/kernel_ext.rb:3:in
> `context'
>         from ./spec/models/animal_spec.rb:3
>         from /Users/aslakhellesoy/scm/rspec/trunk/bin/spec:13
>         from /Users/aslakhellesoy/scm/rspec/trunk/bin/spec:7
> Can anyone else reproduce this?
> Aslak
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