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David Astels dastels at daveastels.com
Fri Jul 14 10:32:42 EDT 2006

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On 14-Jul-06, at 10:35 AM, David Chelimsky wrote:

> This is a tough nut to crack because "good design" is a VERY
> subjective thing, and there tends to be a lot of passion around
> discussions of such because of the subjectivity.

I tend to disagree.  While the small details of what is a good design  
do get quite subjective... the difference between good & bad is  
pretty objective & plain... although not always easy to put into  
words.  The difference between good & better is where the real  
subjectivity lies.

> The rspec committer group comes from a world in which TDD has been
> butchered and we want to foster better TDD through the introduction,
> discussion and exploration of BDD. There's a bit of dogma that comes
> along with that - it's sort of a rebellion - and while I think it is
> important to keep dogma at bay, it's also important to refer back to
> it so we remember why we're even bothering with all of this.

Dogma is ok.. it sets up a position.  It's like planning in Agile...  
dogma is ok.. being dogmatic isn't.

> Personally, I think the rails model is the one to follow here. The
> rails committers turned off a lot of people by not trying to turn
> rails into something it is not. The rails plugin system has resolved
> this problem by offering an entry point for anyone to use rails
> virtually any way they want without bloating core, distorting their
> vision, or committing to supporting things that go against their
> vision.
> I'd like to take the same approach w/ rspec. I think we should not be
> adding expectations like "should_increment", but we absolutely SHOULD
> provide a mechanism for anyone to write custom extensions and a
> mechanism to publish those extensions for community use.

I fully agree.  What we do with rSpec (both in terms of its use & its  
feature set) provides an example to people looking at it & using it.   
We want to avoid explicitly or implicitly saying "it's ok to do  
things the bad way"


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