[Rspec-devel] BDD Question - wheres the BDD help forums?

Chris Anderson jchris at mfdz.com
Fri Jul 14 04:13:08 EDT 2006

Hi all,
Just a little chime in here:

It seems like explicitly raising the new account created event from
the view, has a little bit too much of the internals of the view being
messed with in your test. If there is a way to provoke the view to
raise that event based on the input it usually recieves in normal
operation, that would seem more like a spec to me. Of course, you may
not want to couple your view to tightly to your client parameters, but
at some point in your testing you'll want to ensure that your
application responds to client input as it should.

Your view seems smarter than the one's I'm familiar with (I'm a Rails
guy) but maybe that is the Presenter pattern. To me, the details of
translating a client request into a new account (the parameter
mapping) should happen in the application code, not the view.

But, again, I am naive about your context, and there are certainly
things that weigh in favor of the simplicity of your specification.

Do any of you on the list have opinions about whether the
request-response cycle should happen in the setup or the specify

Chris Anderson

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