[Rspec-devel] TextMate rSpec Bundle

Daniel Harple dharple at generalconsumption.org
Mon Jul 3 21:31:34 EDT 2006


I have put together a small rSpec bundle for TextMate. The main  
feature is a command to insert the underscores in a should statement.  
So you type “foo should be 3” and hit Control-Space, and it will turn  
into “foo.should_be 3”, or “lambda { blah.some_method } should raise  
SomeError” -> “lambda { blah.some_method }.should_raise SomeError”

Feature Overview:
* Command to insert underscores in should statements
* Snippets for “context” (con), “specify” (spe), and “should” (s).

To install just unzip and double-click the bundle.

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-- Daniel

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