[Rspec-devel] Strange RSpec/Rails problem

Luke Redpath luke at agileevolved.com
Tue Aug 29 06:49:45 EDT 2006

NOTE: Please ignore the other version of this mail sitting in the  
moderation queue - I sent it with the wrong email address.

I'm in the process of writing an RSpec/Rails tutorial and I just  
created a new Rails project to test out my tutorial code. However,  
when I run the specs, I get the following strange error:

NoMethodError in 'A user (in general) should be invalid without a  
You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
You might have expected an instance of Array.
The error occured while evaluating nil.-
active_record/transactions.rb:112:in `unlock_mutex'
active_record/fixtures.rb:534:in `teardown_with_fixtures'
active_record/fixtures.rb:556:in `teardown'
./spec/models/../spec_helper.rb:23:in `teardown'
rspec/lib/rspec_on_rails.rb:103:in `run'	
I'm using RSpec 0.6.2 and the latest RSpec on Rails plugin with Rails  
1.1.6. Any ideas what could be causing this? I've also tried freezing  
to edge revision 4727.


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