[Rspec-devel] Mock feature thoughts

Judson Lester nyarly-rspec at redfivellc.com
Mon Aug 28 15:44:35 EDT 2006

Given the discussion elsewhere on the list about Mocks and Rails, I
thought I'd briefly raise a couple of feature thoughts that I'm not
positive about in terms of philosophy.  Basically these all come out of
a basic frustration I've always had with every mock package.  That mocks
don't behave like the objects they're mocking.

Specifically, if I write something like

thing_mock.should_receive(:a_message).and_return("message received")

I'd love to have thing_mock implicitly do something like

Unless, of course I were to explicitly specify some other behavior for

Relatedly, I'd love to be able to say (and _please_ don't read this as a
request for auto-mocking or whatever - assume that there is no "MyClass"
defined anywhere)

thing_mock.mock_ancestors(["Object", "MyParentClass", "MyClass"])

and have it respond intelligently to #class, #kind_of, etc. 

This is especially useful when specifying a behavior that relies on
another library.  For instance, DRb. 

Does this seem useful, or does it expose an underlying misapprehension
about BDD on my part?


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