[Rspec-devel] ANN: RSpec 0.6.2

aslak hellesoy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 06:19:51 EDT 2006

It seems that 13 hours after the last release the 0.6.2 gem is still
not rsync'ed across rubyforge's cluster of gem servers:

$ sudo gem install rspec
Attempting local installation of 'rspec'
Local gem file not found: rspec*.gem
Attempting remote installation of 'rspec'
Updating Gem source index for: http://gems.rubyforge.org
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (OpenURI::HTTPError)
    404 Not Found

Hopefully the replication will complete soon so this can work. If not,
you can download the gem to your filesystem and do a

gem install path/to/rspec-0.6.2.gem


On 8/26/06, aslak hellesoy <aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just released RSpec 0.6.2
> Hopefully this fixes the couple of glitches that went into 0.6.1 - the
> RSpec rake task was heavily refactored in 0.6.1 and didn't work
> properly when packaged as a gem. This should be fixed now. Holler if
> things are still broken.
> Cheers,
> Aslak

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