[Rspec-devel] RSpec on Rails and Rails Engines

Daniel Siemssen daniel at dr-siemssen.de
Thu Aug 17 17:29:43 EDT 2006

Why do you have the require lines for controller_mixin.rb and 
rspec_on_rails.rb in your init.rb and not in the spec_helper.rb? When 
these require lines are in the init.rb they cause errors for Rails 
Engines users because rspec_on_rails.rb requires 'application'. Since 
application might have some include lines like 'include myengine' and 
since the rspec_on_rails plugin gets loaded before any engine, you'll 
certainly run into troubles when loading your rails environment.
So, my question is, can you put these lines into spec_helper.rb and if 
not please tell me why.

Keep up the good work!


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